10 Beautiful and inspiring ways to display your photos

There is more than just one (boring) way to and family pictures. Forget about the everyday solutions and choose to be creative with these 10 great ideas.

1. Picture wall


Choose a wall – the hall is normally the chosen place to do this kind of decor – and display your precious photographs like if it was a gallery. Choose nice frames and do a modern take on this classic idea. To properly organize the space, mark a horizontal line on the wall and hang the pictures above or below it.

2. Framed photos


If you love to take photos, choose some of your best landscape pictures, styled them into sepia and choose a beautiful frame to complete the decor.

3. Accordion gallery


In order to do an accordion gallery, get some transparent frames and place them like if they were an accordion or link them with small hinges. Then, you can mix colored images with black and white portraits of your family.

4. Picture pillow


This washable and super original pillowcase features 12 different photographs and looks great in any space, from the living room to the bedroom.

5. Photo cube


Cube frames are super in right now and you can get them at any decoration shop. Get two or three and fill them with photos that agree with the rest of your decor.

6. Board photo


Choose your favorite picture and print it in a big size to create a nice framed artwork like this one. You can either hang it in the living room, where everyone can see it, or in the bedroom, a more private space.

7. Customized clock


Forget about frames and choose the unexpected: a clock with the faces of your children. You can even choose their little faces according to the hour you’re portraying (a sleepy face for nine o’clock, for instance).

8. Photo tray


Want to display your pictures in a creative way? Why not use a tray? If you go with an old and vintage looking image like this one, it will give a nice stylish touch to the item.

9. Bottle-cap magnets or thumbtacks


Get some personalized magnets and thumbtacks for your fridge or wall, by printing some with the best pictures of your family, pets or collective vacations.

10. Photo tins


Make your working space more cozy with these nice little customized tins. They are great to stash paper clips or pins.


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