10 Contemporary and jaw-dropping bedrooms

Spending a whole day in the bedroom is the dream of any hard worker. Chilling on a cloudy Saturday, watching movies in bed, eating chocolates… It’s just amazing!

But, to do this, you must have a nice bedroom, even better if it’s super stylish. Check these examples and  learn how to modernize your favorite room.


Choose a sophisticated color palette with a clean and contemporary feel. Lighter tones aren’t mandatory, so you can choose your favorite shade.


Make a feature wall with a nice wallpaper or a cool paint color. Having one different wall makes your room seem more modern.


Add texture with a nice detail like that application on the wall.


Wood is a very polyvalent component and it can give an organic look to your contemporary bedroom.


Neutral tones like grey mixed with metallics make a super modern combination.


Add pieces that create a visual statement like that chandelier or the statues.


Clean color combos are super fresh and they open the room. Use your extra space to create a small office where you can check your email in the morning, for instance.


Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize. Pillows, blankets, frames… It’s your choice!


Make use of the vertical space with modern storage and organization options.


If your room has a big build-in closet, change the color of the doors to one that contrasts with the rest of the room.

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