10 Essential decor tricks to small spaces

Imagine the possibilities of a small space: at first sight, you might not find many, but with time you’ll learn that even small spaces can seem wider with a little help. Since the beginning of apartment history, designers have been teaching these next few tricks as awesome space enhancers. Take a look and you’ll see how easy it is to transform your small apartment.

1. Bed with storage space


A bed with storage space is great to keep things like sheets or towels. You can also get a bed with a raised frame and use the free space underneath to storage other stuff.

2. Special pot rack


Get a pot rack to your kitchen that allows you to hang your pots and place your cooking books on top.

3. Use your coffee table to “hide” an ottoman

Ottoman under coffee table

To have an extra seating place in your living room, you can store an ottoman underneath your coffee table. And, then, you can also store things under the ottoman. This same rule can be applied to the dining table.

4. Hang your drapes higher


Hanging your drapes close to the ceiling will make the room seem bigger.

5. Bigger furniture


Don’t be afraid of bigger furniture, especially if we’re talking about tall pieces that use vertical space. This kind of furniture can actually make a room feel larger.

6. Use the corners


It’s possible to fully use your house corners with special tables, shelves and benches.

7. Use furniture to separate rooms


Using open shelving units to separate “rooms” is a great idea: it provides space organization and storage space.

8. Invest in double-duty furniture


If you can buy a furniture that performs two functions, why settle with a piece that is good for only one thing? So, consider some double-duty furniture to save space.

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