12 Awesome Beds in Tiny Spaces

7. Bed Above the Toilet

Bed Above The Toilet

When you don’t have much space, you really have to get creative. If you have a high ceiling you can put your bed above another room, maybe even above the toilet, like in this cozy small apartment in Barcelona! Perfect, if you don’t mind climbing up a small ladder every night.

8. The Red Nest

The Red Nest

Who said that small-scale furniture lacks style? Space maximization is a growing trend, so designers are coming up with furniture that is both functional and great looking, to satisfy even the most capricious tastes. This sleek, red bed can never be accused of lacking style! Located in a small apartment in Paris (just 23 square meters). The designer is a pure genius; she managed to include a bedroom, a home office and a dressing area. Pretty cool, huh?


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