16 Awesome Headboard Ideas You Can Do By Yourself

5. Architectural Shutters Headboard

Architectural Salvage

If you have an old shutters that you just can’t throw away, just use it as an old-fashioned headboard! It’s so simple, and you have to admit that it looks amazing. Decorative moldings on the top are just making this room even more charming than it already is!

6. Patchwork-effect Headboard

Fabric Headboard

If you love to do projects with fabric, then this is the perfect headboard for you. You can use scraps of coordinating fabrics to create a modern patchwork-effect headboard. It’s really simple and looks great.

7. Metal Roofing Headboard

Metal Roofing Headboard

For this gorgeous headboard you will just need some corrugated tin that you can cut in this amazing shape. Looks so interesting and unique! Who knew that metal roofing could be so stylish?

8. Paddle Headboard

Oar Headboard

Isn’t this the coolest idea you have ever seen? You will just need the enough amount of paddles and you can make this amazing headboard for your bed.

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