3 Window Treatments From History That Are Still Popular

Photo credit: Flickr.com - Igor
Photo credit: Flickr.com – Igor

You have a beautiful house and proud of it, but you’ll never want passersby to peek into your house through windows. You need , whether it is a shutter or panels, to keep the privacy of your interior by blocking the view from outside. These treatments also increase energy efficiency. They also have impact on home décor, like rugs, pillows, cushions and other soft furnishings. Though window treatments have apparently insignificant details, but they greatly influence other home décor.

The right selection of window treatment balances a period-inspired room, whereas wrong choice can make it unbalanced. Today, we’ll look into some of the most popular window treatments, which have rich history, evolved in centuries and still in trend:


Blinds were first seen in ancient Egypt, when people used to make them using reeds grown on Nile. In America, Venetian traders brought the blinds style from Persia during the 18th century. Today, we know these blinds as Venetian blinds. These blinds are made up of wooden strips, 1 to 3 inches wide, and have flat cloth strip holding them perpendicular on their back. Different colors were used to paint and stain them to make them aesthetically pleasing. In Georgian time, dark cherry paint and walnut stains were popular to give amazing character to wood, whereas Federal interior decorating required white and gray paint to compliment window casings.

Another popular type of window blind3 Window Treatments From History That Are Still Popular

s is roller blinds. They also have rich history starting centuries ago in the tribes of African and Asian deserts, where blinds were made of plain sheets to prevent from blazing sunrays. Today, there are many manufacturers, like Rollerblinds.org, that offer roller blinds, which provide both style and function.


In the earliest lifetimes, in American homes, the main purpose of using curtains was to protect from drafts rather than décor. Curtains were plain, tab-topped, panels or usual shirred valances. During the Georgian era, the of rich were inspired by European style. Luxury home décor were decorated with very costly velvets and damasks, which were made up of elegant cascades and swags.

Interior Shutters:

Shutters are one of the oldest styles of window coverings, and their history begins from the days of ancient Greece, where people used shutters for good ventilation, to protect interior and prevent from blazing sunrays. In warmer regions, louvered shutters with wide blades were most popular, which were opened and closed by a central cord.

These plantation shutters have got revival recently and are designed by many manufacturers today. Interior shutters were widely used in the colonial era homes of New England. They were solid and made to protect from winter drafts. Board-and-batten shutters were common in the country’s houses as they offered pretty good protection. Interior shutters with raised panels were used in luxury homes, which were designed to bifold and slide into compartments, termed as embrasures. Contrary to other window treatments, which need other treatments also to compliment them, interior shutters normally work standalone.


When the summer season is on, homeowners should not just blast the air-conditioning. Consider any of the window treatment instead, not just for beauty, but also to lower your monthly energy bills.

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