Are you looking to create a dramatic change to the look and feel of a room?

Photo credit: - uofmtiger
Photo credit: – uofmtiger

Do you really know how to choose a rug for your newly decorated room… or do you simply opt for the first one you see, that matches or complements the colour scheme of a room?

If you do, you are not alone but it seems that this approach does not always secure the desired effect. If you are looking to create a dramatic change, adding vibrancy, colour and comfort, how do you opt for the perfect rug?

Bearing in mind, of course, that most people make their rug choice after the room is painted – and finished in some cases – it is hard to persuade people to alter this viewpoint. Possibly as a result of it can being difficult to ‘see’ the room in the mind’s eye, such as how items of furniture will look, how the floor will accent colours and will those cushions really add something to the room etc., people frequently wait until the walls are painted, to see what colour they want their rug to be.

Flooring and interior design experts suggest that the choice of rug should be something you do before you start the whole redecoration process. Here are the principles you should base your rug choice on…


Everyone has made the choice in the shop, bringing home the perfect rug only to find that in front of the large sofa or the over-sized TV stand that it looks rather ‘lost’ and miserly. Take an objective look at your room; how big a rug will it accommodate and what it is you want the rug to do, as such? Interior designers suggest that the right rug grounds the furniture in a room so avoid the smaller, almost-an-after-thought, rug.


Interior designers also suggest that a rug can be used to natural divide living areas, perfect when you consider the current trend for open plan living. It may be that you want to an unobtrusive, informal separation between your living area and the dining area. Suggestions are that each rug would form a ‘platform’ for the furniture in each area.


Scale is one thing, but getting the right size is another. With size there are two options:

  1. The over-sized rug – this is when all the furniture fits on the rug but do not make the ultimate mistake of buying slightly too small, meaning chair legs fall ‘off’ the rug. Rugs are meant to enhance comfort, not leaving people feeling like they are teetering on the edge…

  2. The traditional sized rug – meaning the rug almost form the centre piece of the floor, with sofas, side tables, coffee table etc. effectively sitting around the edge.

As with scale, size of rugs in showrooms can be deceptive. In one aspect, the rug can look huge, almost gargantuan proportion but on your floor, annoyingly it could be just that little-bit-too-small. The moral here? Simple – measure the minimum size of rug you need, depending on which style above you intend on creating.


Think about how you normally make decision about items within your home; if you were asked ‘why did you buy that?’ you would say in all probability ‘because I like it!’ With the choice of rug, you need to ensure your liking of a rug does not get in the way of getting the right one, to perform the right function.

An informed choice of rug means you purchase one that fits your lifestyle and functions well in its location. The fluffy, white rug might be you desired choice, but with dogs and other pets, along with children of all ages and size, it simply will not perform how you need it to.

That said, it does not mean that if you need a functional rug, it has to be boring. To aid you in your choice, ask yourself questions such as…

  • How much foot traffic will it need to endure?

  • How many children and pets will it have using it?

  • Is the rug a feature in the room or something ‘hidden’, yet functional?

  • Is it ‘finishing off’ a space, with texture and warmth?

  • Will sunlight be pouring into the room?

Once you have an idea of the function of the rug, there are many different styles to choose from, from block coloured rugs in the contemporary category to sumptuous Persian and Oriental rugs in the traditional section.

Either way, the advice from interior designers is this: if you are re-creating and re-decorating a room with a complete new ‘look’, design the room from the floor up.

The overall look

Your rug will do so much for a room…

  • Adds texture and colour – especially with the different materials available for rugs, these are a great way of adding an extra layer to your overall room design and interior

  • Balance – colour schemes are incredibly difficult to get ‘just right’ and a well-placed and well-chosen rug can add the balance that some schemes might need. And don’t think that by adding colour, we mean adding a bright one. Rugs with the ‘faded and worn’ quality about it, can add balance to a traditional colour scheme.


Technology has given us many things and so whilst some people favour natural, organic products and furnishings, don’t be dissuaded from looking at the more modern materials out there, especially for those customers needing colour, as well as a hardwearing rug suitable for a busy household.

Rugs have, to a certain extent, been an afterthought in so many interior designs but, with knowledge you can now make an informed rug purchase! Chris from The Rug Retailer has provided an insight in ways to create a dramatic change to the look and feel of a room. Visit The Rug Retailer and have a browse around all the rugs we have on offer!


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