Corn cob holders shaped like dinosaurs… Where can I buy this?!


First, we thought dinosaurs we’re back. But, no, it’s just the coolest corn cob holders ever. Today, we’re presenting to you the new creation of Lana Filippone for Imm Living’s contest, a competition called “NOT Forkchops”.

They are the Dino Corn Cob Holders and you can choose the Triceratops or the tattooed T-rex variety. For now, these are just the prototypes, but (good news!) Imm Living will manufacture them.


No more greased hands after holding buttered corn cob. Now, you can hold your food with dinosaurs. How cool does this sounds?

Besides the Dino line, Lara Filippone also created versions with pistols, wings and cute bunnies, which you can check . We bet the dinosaurs still win!

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