Extendable ELLA Mirror by Miior

Here comes the perfect mirror for every bathroom. This awesome mirror is modern, simple, elegant and feminine. ELLA mirrors by can adapt to your every need. You don’t have to adjust your body posture to look in the mirror, just pull the frame of the mirror towards yourself and get maximum comfort for your daily facial routine.

You want to turn on the light? Swipe your hand over the sensor placed just beneath the mirror’s surface and there will be light.


ELLA mirrors make your life simpler, says the people from Miior, and we have to say that we trust them! Be sure to check their webpage, because they have few more type of mirrors that will definitely catch your attention.

All their mirrors are made with new AXIO-LINK technology. That is a new hinge mechanism that allows the user to change and adjust the distance between the mirror’s surface and the wall which it is mounted on. Sounds perfect!

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