Funky Forks And Spoons That Stimulate The Senses

This collection of funky tableware, created by Korean designer Jinhyun Jeon aims to make eating much more than just chewing and tasting the food. Inspired by synesthesia, which is creating impressions, or senses via different senses or parts of the body, Jeon believes this project will heighten sensory perceptions and create a more richer and intense experience.

Exploring the five factors he believes affects taste; temperature, colour, texture, volume/weight and form, he explains:

Via exploring synesthesia if we can stretch the borders of what tableware can do, the eating experience can be enriched in multi-cross-wiring ways. The tableware we use for eating should not just be a tool for placing food in our mouth, but it should become extensions of our body, challenging our senses even in the moment when the food is still on its way to being consumed.

As we become aware and more engaged with the whole experience, he proposes the fact that these tableware may encourage people to adopt healthier eating habits such as consuming less sugar and eating slower.


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