How to Avoid an iPhone Accident in your Apartment

EDIT: I have removed the offending email and name as it’s unfair to blame the person… it’s whoever has set the strategy and approved this type of outreach who is to blame.

Sorry but the infographic that did exist here as been removed due to someone from Squaretrade sending me an email that used fear in the subject line and requesting that I use their weird looking embed code:



I can’t understand why SquareTrade would send a blogger an email aimed at scaring  them about copyright for using an infographic that they found naturally found on (source linked now removed.)

I also think that asking bloggers to use weird looking URL shorterners like  is hardly a way to build trust with those who naturally link to your content.

The reason I’m so angry is not that I am not just a  blogger at  but that I also run an infographic agency and my job is managing our outreach teams.

Stunts like the above give us all in the industry a bad name and makes our job harder in future.

Bloggers should be treated with respect.

It’s OK to ask for you to ask them to make changes but don’t use fear to do it.

Also – Luis… it’s doesn’t take long to find my first name… its on the about page - oh and a Yahoo mail account is a little bit 1998 .

If anyone from SquareTrade is reading this then I would look at getting rid of whatever agency you are using for outreach.


Original post:

This infographic created by the team at Squaretrade and published on Mashable shows the probability of breaking your iPhone in your home.  According to the data, the bedroom is the safest place in the home and the kitchen is the worst place.

Sadly 9% of iPhone users dropped their shiny new phone in the toilet.

Thankfully I don’t have to worry as I am an Android users – and Android users never break their phone Winking smile




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