How to Create a Personalised Living Space

Ever had that feeling of Deja vu when visiting your friend’s apartment? Does that nest of tables or that oak’ look dining table look familiar? The chances are that it’s because it’s the same piece that you have or have had in your home. With production furniture so accessible it can be hard to find something timeless and unique. However, if you are considering redecorating and are looking for something that is a bit more ‘me’ that will stand the test of time there are plenty of affordable and accessible ways of achieving it.

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You can give your home that personal and individual touch by scouring used furniture stores for quirky and unusual pieces. Many stylish and interesting sideboards, cupboards or dressers may have been left languishing unloved just waiting for you to come along and unleash their potential.  You can guarantee that given their age no one else will have one and a coat of paint or varnish you can give them a new lease of life.

If you do not find any second hand furniture that catches your eye then why not try transforming your existing furniture? With a few adjustments such as new handles and perhaps a mirrored top your old furniture can be adapted to suit your personal style. For an even more unique look why not use your existing furniture in different ways or combine them for more of a statement piece. For instance you could combine an old wardrobe and shelving unit into an entertainment unit with built in storage for all of your DVD’s and CD’s? Your imagination and craft skills are the limit.

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If scouring second hand stores is not your thing and you do not own a toolbox it is still possible for you to achieve a timeless look for your apartment without having to pay bespoke prices. If you have a design in mind many wood merchants or carpenters will be able to build it for you. Depending on the type of wood and size and complexity of the furniture you should be able to have your design brought to life for a fair price.

If you are lacking inspiration, then furniture made from reclaimed wood may be for you. Each piece will have been loving handcrafted and will be as unique as the knots and grains that adorn it. As the wood or metal is supplied from various sources, it will come with its own history and is bound to be a talking point! There are various suppliers around and some have a good range of different types and styles of furniture, with options such as the Trade Furniture Company among the most prominent. Be sure to keep checking in on them until you find the perfect piece as they are likely to have new items in all the time.


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