How to decorate a big living room: 6 rules and ideas

If you are part of the small group of people who has the luck of owning a big living room, now you only need to know how to properly decorate it. Improvising will probably make the room seem messy and confusing, so make a plan and stick to it.

Some clever lighting, architectural features and stylish furniture will make all the difference. Check our advices and choose your favorite.

1. Make your ceiling interesting


A large living room must have an interesting ceiling with some architectural features to break the monotony and draw the eyes up.

2. Use creative lighting


Task lighting can make or break a spacious living room. Choose some table lamps, along with the ceiling lighting system, and make your living room look more cozy.

3. Choose warm colors


A warm color palette can make a huge difference in a big living room. Test several tones and go with the warmer and most inviting tone.

4. Create a quiet spot


Arrange your furniture in order to create a quiet spot. This will allow the several users of the room to focus on their favorite activity without any interruptions.

5. Add a work space


Some bookshelves and a desk area can make wonders for a big living room, creating a division in the space.

6. Use more than one rug


Rugs are the perfect accessory if you want to define different areas in a room. Choose different colors or patterns, but make sure everything comes together in harmony. You can also add texture with fluffy rugs.

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