Interesting Puzzle Sideboard

If you’re looking for a new cabinet for your bedroom or the living room, why not choose something interesting and completely different from anything you have seen before. This Tangram Sideboard is inspired by the styles of the 50’s and Art Deco. Even though it has asymmetrical pieces, designers are guaranteeing that it offers maximum storage space while bringing a fresh look to your room.


– Tangram resembles a veritable jigsaw, a Chinese puzzle, for gracing bedroom or lounge, and suggesting a secret doorway towards a magical, intimate and secret world: your own – said the designers and we couldn’t agree more.

This shelving unit was designed by the creative team from ‘At-Once Studio’ for . It was made in France and inside and outside is made of oiled oak. It includes three large drawers, three shelves and a central storage space. So, there is enough space for anything you want to put in there.

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