It’s getting cold– 30 Must Have Humidifiers


One of the problems with living in an apartment is when it’s starts to get cold as the air can become really dry. Using heating will remove the moisture from the air and this can leave to problems of dry skin and sinus issues.

If you often get ill during the change in season then you should look at the benefits of a humidifier.

Thankfully the team at Apartment Therapy have found some great looking humidifier covering all budgets.

Check out best rated humidifiers on Amazon. All of these come with Free Prime Shipping!

1) Personal humidifier with 4.5 stars and 220+ reviews.
Cool Mist Humidifier

2) – 4 stars from 2000+ reviews!
Vicks Warm Mist Humidifier with Auto Shut-Off

3) – 4.5 stars with 300+ review.
TaoTronics Humidifier Ultrasonic Cool Mist

There are many more – see related products.

Also check out the comments one commenter mentioned that she found a free humidifier her bathtub. Just the leave the water in the tub after a bath and it will help to humidify the apartment. Great tip!

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