Learn to love your rented apartment (even if it’s not the place of your dreams)

Woman decorating at home, painting wall, holding paintbrush dipped in red paint, rear view

Renting an apartment or a house isn’t always perfect. In reality, sometimes it could be the opposite to the perfect situation. If you dream of moving someplace bigger, but can’t afford it, why don’t you try some of the next tips to ?

First of all, don’t moan about your white walls. According to the textile designer , white walls give an “idea of expansion”. Instead of painting one wall of a different color, try to buy some colorful accessories for your apartment, in order to contrast with the white walls.

But if you’re still not happy with your white walls, try to decorate them with a bit of wallpaper and some double sided tape to create an accent wall. says it’s a great idea for almost any room, except the bathroom, because of the moist.

Is your apartment still making you feel unhappy? Try to create a proper entry, a special place in every home. It’s like creating a “landing strip” for your house or apartment.

And, finally, the last tip to change your home: think of it as the other half of a difficult relationship that you need to nurture. Invest time and effort into this relationship: try to clean and organize your home and you’ll see how you will start to feel different about it.

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