Make the most of your time alone


Most people hate to be alone, but there are some of us that actually enjoy being alone. Especially because this time can be used to . That’s what a lot of people don’t know: that solitude can make you more self-sufficient, increase your confidence and help you get to know yourself a lot better. Check below the best ways of enjoying your alone time!

1. Make some introspection

When there’s nobody else to distract us, we have the (mainly unknown and wasted) opportunity to become introspective. These moments can scare you, especially because we are our own worst critic, but they are actually great to engage in introspection productively and try to feel better with ourselves. Use this alone time to think about your beliefs and what’s important to you, consider the positive actions you took in the last days and fight your weaknesses.

2. Do whatever you want

See your time alone as a moment when you can do whatever you want: this will allow you to try new things, but also experience them without others’ judgement. See that movie that your friends are always criticising, but that you actually really want to see, for instance. This is a time when your opinions won’t get judged.

3. Become more self-suficient

Alone time is great to learn new things, since it also helps you to learn how to trust in yourself. This is the perfect idea for people who have trouble doing things without the encouragement of others. Start with something small, like a DIY project.

4. Keep a good balance

Don’t forget that, during this process, you need balance. Being alone all the time isn’t viable, so you must engage with others now and then. Just start by figuring out the right balance of social time you need, so you won’t become a total loner, but can still conquer your independence.

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