Mix and Match: Choosing The Right Flooring For Your Apartment


Choosing flooring can be very difficult, particularly when you are trying to coordinate different indoor and outdoor areas, each with its own style and function. When working with a relatively small area, such as an apartment balcony, it is important to find the perfect deck design and material for your house, one that gives you a coherent sense of space and helps connect inside and outside. Twinned with quality laminate flooring, wooden decking can bring a little bit of the outdoors inside.

When choosing flooring for your home, it is important to consider zoning coverings to define spaces and to reflect different functions. Laminate wooden flooring is excellent for living rooms, but the dampness of a bathroom might cause warping. Tiles are a better option, but they must be non-slip when wet. Vinyl flooring is an affordable and practical alternative, but it is much less durable. A laminate wooden floor can suit both a dining room and a kitchen, so the same floor covering used on both rooms can give a sense of greater space by connecting as one large area what might otherwise feel like two small rooms. Sanded and varnished timber flooring often suits the style of older buildings, but it must be properly secured and sealed to minimize creaking and draughts. Rugs can reduce noise and lend a splash of color.

Many apartment balconies are finished with quite bleak concrete or drab tiles, so the potential of the space is often wasted. A simple way to make the balcony part of your home is to use easily installed, durable and weatherproof decking tiles. These simply latch together on the balcony surface and can be arranged to fit a variety of shapes. Installed properly, they won’t damage the existing surface, which will keep management committees and landlords happy, and they provide good drainage. They are warmer and easier under foot than tiles or concrete, and they immediately make the balcony feel more welcoming.

By choosing coordinated laminate flooring for the room immediately inside the balcony, you create a connection between the two spaces. The balcony will feel more like an extension of your living room. You can add to this by also coordinating the accent colors used for furnishing and accessories on the balcony. Your flooring can be beautiful as well as practical, and your home will have a great feeling of space and comfort.

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