12 Natural Ways To Clean Your Home

Would you like to get rid of all those cleaners that contain strong chemicals and find the better way to clean your home? Of course you would. Well, feel free to throw them all away. Here you can find alternative ways to clean everything in your apartment – from
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Living large in small spaces 101

With property prices on the rise in the UK once more, first time buyers and other homeowners are choosing not to invest in larger properties but instead make the most out of the smallest possible spaces. In some cases this could just be in the form of space saving
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10 Amazing Attic Apartments

Attic apartments are definitely something special, don’t you agree? There is nothing above you, just the roof and blue sky! We bring you ten most amazing attic apartments. Enjoy the pictures! 1. Attic Penthouse in Stockholm This is just the small part of a duplex attic penthouse located in
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Maintaining your shared garden

Difficult economic times and the increased disconnect between people has led many individuals and families to take a greater interest in community gardens.  Community gardens, as defined by the American Community Garden Association, are any garden that is cultivated and maintained by a group of people. Community gardens have
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13 Most Amazing Fireplaces on Earth

Traditional or contemporary, for indoors or out, the fireplaces just always amaze us. Old traditional fireplaces are symbol of rustic beauty, but there are also some modern looking ones that will definitely catch your eye. Here you can see one of a kind fireplaces that will leave you breathless.
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