Tips on Choosing Your Bathroom Tiles

Tiles are often used in bathrooms, not only potentially adding value to the bathroom, but for hygienic and water resistant solutions as well. Whether these tiles are ceramic or porcelain, slate or travertine, personal preference is key in choosing the right bathroom tiles for you. But what goes into
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Giving your home that touch of spring

There’s nothing like coming out of that winter gloom with the prospect of redecorating ready spring to come rolling along. If you want to decorate with such a beautiful season in mind however, what exactly do you need to do in order to achieve this look? Choose perfect colours
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Shutting the door on open plan living

Open-plan living is no longer the preserve of trendy riverside loft apartments; the phenomenon has spread to the suburbs too. Walls have come crashing down as maximising space has become a national obsession. I suppose in an era where the density of the national population has never been higher
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Tips to save money on heating and water bills

With heating and water bills continuing to rise in to 2014, we discuss money saving tips with the expert team at the UK’s leading pump suppliers Compiled in to this great infographic, the online business share their top money saving tips to help you reduce water waste at home, keep
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Ideas for Extending Your Kitchen

Lately, there has been a rising demand for open-plan kitchen diners as more homeowners seek a change from formal dining rooms and separate cramped kitchens. This increasing preference for a combined kitchen and dining area is fueled by a need for a more laid-back family space. The kitchen diner
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