5 Kindle Paperwhite Covers That Don’t Suck

This year I bought Julie a cover for her Kindle Paperwhite (it’s awesome as she can now use it in the dark) and I did a lot of research to find the perfect Kindle Paperwhite cover. I have personally hand-picked a selection of 5 covers that will hopefully cover
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Cool 22 sq metre Micro House Concept

Gabrijela Tumbas Papic has created a concept Micro House which could accommodate up to 4 people for a period of  a month. The micro house is 22 square metres in size, utilising smart storage systems such as stairs which double up into drawers and a smart looking sofa bed. According
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Gorgeous, Green Water Filter by Soma

Water filter jugs are commonplace in most households nowadays, with the best known brand being Brita. Over the years, brands have redesigned these jugs to make them more appealing, slimmer, convenient yet there’s still something about them that makes them look clunky and rather ugly still. Soma, a design
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Floppy Disk Table – Ultimate Geek Furniture

If you are a fan of Justin Bieber you probably don’t recognise what the above coffee table looks like. This 1.44mb ultra retro design was designed by Neulant Van Exel and the steel part actually slides to reveal a secret storage area. Bonus points for adding your favourite retro
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