Funky Forks And Spoons That Stimulate The Senses

This collection of funky tableware, created by Korean designer Jinhyun Jeon aims to make eating much more than just chewing and tasting the food. Inspired by synesthesia, which is creating impressions, or senses via different senses or parts of the body, Jeon believes this project will heighten sensory perceptions
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8 Zombie Proof Apartments

According to the Mayans, the end of the world is set to happen on December 21st 2012. Personally I agree with NASA that nothing bad is going to happen on that day but still you never know. But what if zombies were to appear on Earth? – How easy
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24 DIY Tricks To Light Your Apartment

Bare bulbs are so last year… but have you seen the price of decent light fixtures? Luckily the awesome Alanna Okun at BuzzFeed Shift has put together this awesome arrangement of 24 light fixtures you can make yourself.  If you are like Julie – You will have your own
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ice packs for coolers