The best ways to get rid of smoke smell


Everyone knows that smoking is bad for your health and secondhand smoke is no better. However, it’s not just about health: smoke smell is awful and it contaminates the entire house. The odor lingers for a long time and it’s just nasty.

Whether it is because the previous owner of your house was a heavy smoker or because you had a party and some of your guests smoked inside, you need to get rid of it. So, if you hate it as much as we do, open your windows and check our to get rid of smoke smell.

1. Vacuuming and cleaning


The first and most important thing to do in this process is to clean the entire house from top to bottom and vacuum it. Tobacco smoke sticks to soft fibers – like carpets or pillows -, but also to the walls and ceilings.

2. Dehumidifiers


Bad smells get even worse in a humid environment, so consider using a dehumidifier in your home. Drier air will help the smell to go away.

3. Air purifiers


Installing air purifiers with high-efficiency particulate air filters or activated carbon filters in your home will remove even the smallest particles of ash and smoke.

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