The secret to make friends when you’re a young adult


Making friends once you’ve past the “young” age is more difficult than it was when you were a child or a teenager, that’s pretty obvious. It’s difficult, but not impossible! There are that can help you to know some new cool buddies, even if you’re new in town. Read the next lines and then apply our advices.

To meet people in your age group, you must go to the places where people get together. So, first case scenario: put on your best blazer and go to a professional “happy” hour, where you can participate in the established social network. Drink wisely and be assertive, greeting people with a vigorous hand shake.

Approach people and introduce yourself, but be careful or you might look some desperate young guy or girl looking for attention. Make your way into the conversation smoothly and start giving details about you and your career. Listen to other people, of course, but try to change, little by little, the subject to an area where you feel comfortable and can be the star.

It’s important to show that you’re entertained, even if you’re not. Making new friends can take a while, until you feel comfortable with people. It’s important to have business cards with personal information like your phone number you can handle to your wannabe friends.


Then, there are other moves you can use elsewhere: compliment a stranger for their style at the grocery, let the girl that’s behind you with just a milk pack cut in front of you or make small talk while you’re getting your morning coffee. Using these tips, it will only be a matter of time until you have a new group of friends and they’re hanging out at your apartment.

It’s hard to remember when you’re lonely in a new place, but usually you’re not the only one feeling like this. However, other people can be even more shy than you, so take the first step and the reward of friendship will come your way.

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