Tips on Choosing Your Bathroom Tiles

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Tiles are often used in bathrooms, not only potentially adding value to the bathroom, but for hygienic and water resistant solutions as well. Whether these tiles are ceramic or porcelain, slate or travertine, personal preference is key in choosing the right bathroom tiles for you. But what goes into choosing your bathroom tiles?

The size of tiles

Like everything, there are positives and negatives to both smaller and larger bathroom tiles and very much depends on the size of your bathroom. For smaller bathrooms, small tiles will always look good; however there will be more grout lines than using larger tiles. Using larger tiles can look very impressive, however they will make a small bathroom appear even smaller. If the spacing between your bathrooms units is fairly narrow, smaller tiles may look better.

Medium sized tiles (40x20cm) are fast becoming a popular choice for both larger and smaller bathrooms.

Number of tiles needed

The number of tiles you will need for your bathroom will depend on the size of your bathroom and the number of square metre tiles you require. A simple calculation will be able to give you an approximate number of tiles needed.

  1. Measure all the walls of your bathroom

  2. Measure any doors/windows/other obstacles

  3. Times together the height and width of the walls, subtracting the height and width of the obstacles, and you will be left with your total area in square metres. Add 10% to this for possible cuts/breakages.

  • Convenience

With an easy-to-wipe surface, tiles are the most hygienic and convenient material for the bathroom. Tiles aren’t entirely waterproof, but are water resistant. This means that the tiling area in and around your shower needs to be well prepared before tiling using a waterproofing kit, preventing any potential water damage to the walls. Choosing a stone material also means your tiles need to be sealed with the correct maintenance products before tiling to ensure there is no water damage or staining.

Flooring tiles

The warmth of the tiles under your feet often depends on the material the tiles are places on top of. For example, If the tiles are on top of concrete the flooring will feel much colder than tiles on top of wood. Under floor heating can be a solution to cold tiles, and often a more efficient way of heating the bathroom.

Tile colours

The lighter the tiles used, the bigger your bathroom is likely to look as they reflect the light. Using dark tiles can make a smaller bathroom seem smaller, and doesn’t provide the airy, spacious feel of a lighter tile. Another tip for making a bathroom appear larger is tiling the walls and floor of the bathroom in the same tiles, which can be enhanced using a similar coloured grout. Using natural stone tiles has greatly increased in popularity, marble, slate or travertine, creating great effects!

Search around for ideas to inspire you, each bathroom is very different, and the right tiles can have a huge effect on the look and feel of the area.

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