Turning a small space into a home on a budget

Photo credit: Flickr.com
Photo credit: Flickr.com

If you are living in a small apartment or house, then chances are that the budget you have for redecorating is rather low. After all, a small property often indicates a need to cut costs by keeping things compact and not paying for excess space you don’t need.

Often this can lead to corners being cut and designs of a living space not as originally intended. However, with just a little imagination, creativity and effort there is a way to create a formula for decorating your home and producing exciting, low cost creations.

Here’s how.

Layout and needs

The layout of the home is of vital importance and this is especially true if in a small living space. Considering all angles and measurements before purchasing something should always be the approach. Each purchase should always be thought out beforehand with questions like the following asked:

  • Is there enough space?

  • Do I really need it?

  • Will it enhance the feel of the room?

The best approach is to be as minimalist as possible. You can always add items to the space at a later date if you feel something is missing so don’t feel you have to get everything straight away.

Antique or tardy – Charity shop hunting

From a trendy Oxfam shop in Brighton to the local Barnardo’s store in your town centre, there are amazing finds to be had in any charity shop. Any time you are passing a local charity shop, have a pop in; it could result in finding an antique lamp or the perfect set of cutlery.

The potential for individual, cheap and amazing items for a home is unlimited. You can even look at buying second hand large goods such as a fridge or cooker from certain charity shops … saving hundreds of pounds in the process.

Have an individual approach

Quite often the best designed rooms are those from your own mind. Too often we are told what looks best through aggressive furniture advertising, interior design programmes and show rooms. Mismatch, buy something you like no matter what the clash, and don’t focus too much on implementing a colour scheme.

You could find that your individual tastes collide together to provide an overall result that complements the home.

Don’t always head for the normal retail or online shops. Try and find something new and different. For example, sofas by Nabru are delivered in flat pack so that you can get affordable, high quality furniture that makes a unique style statement without breaking the bank.

Trial and error

When trying to design the perfect living space, some of the ideas will not work out as expected – especially in a small space. Adopting a trial and error approach will allow for constant critical analysis as you search for the perfect formula so it’s important to prepare yourself for a few wrong turns or bad decisions on the way to design perfection.


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