Two steps to have a good relationship with your new roommate

Roommates moving

Imagine you have found the perfect apartment. It’s great: good location, near public transportation and a park, amazing water pressure and all the perks you need. However, it comes with a complete stranger, who already lives there and is going to be your new roommate.

This can scare a lot of people, but you don’t have to be one of them. There are three simple steps you can take to transform this stranger into a friend.

Step 1: have a chat with your future roommate

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It’s important to know the basic about this stranger before moving in. If he’s a metal lover who needs six hours of blaring music per day, maybe it’s important to rethink your decision. Invite him or her for a coffer and open the lines of communication, keeping it casual and discussing your life “together”.

Try to find out the important stuff: discuss how to divide cleaning chores, how are the food shopping and cooking situation going to be like, define the use of common spaces, if you can have parties or not, define the rules about guests and talk about schedules (bathroom or television hours, for instance). It’s also important to try to spend some time together, if you want to be friends with each other, of course.

Step 2: communicate along the way


Even after all the rules and conversations, life with another person is never perfect. If something is not working, speak openly and lightly about it, but don’t let problems grow until they’re unbearable.

Maybe you got lucky and had a smooth beginning, but something can go wrong anytime. Remember that, when you’re talking with your roommate, you need to be calm. It’s really important to avoid confrontational words and don’t forget that both of you have equal rights to the living space.

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